Surplus components for sale

Miscellaneous products

LTX2441Roland DG LTX-2441 A0 thermal raster plotter (ONE ONLY)POA
TRP-C06Trycom TRP-C06 optical isolated RS-232 to RS-422/485 converter$60.00
TRP-C29Trycom TRP-C29 optical isolated RS-485 to 8-ch digital IO converter$140.00
TRP-C36Trycom TRP-C36 optical isolated ethernet to RS-232/422/485 converter$110.00
MV900BUnivision MV900B microprocessor CCTV control system (ONE ONLY)POA

Automation equipment

CS-113Chang Shing Electric Works CS-113 6 DOF teaching robot arm (ONE ONLY)POA
EAEGX4Earl Andrus Engineering GX-4 20:1 motorized gearbox 24V 70A 2.2HP$390.00
MINI-SEDP SonaSwitch Mini S Polaroid 600 ultrasonic transducer$50.00
MG100Gyration MG100 MicroGyro dual-axis piezoelectric gyroscope$40.00
H24V10AKoford brushless hall-effect motor controller 24V 10A$150.00
H24V5AKoford brushless hall-effect motor controller 24V 5A$100.00
H60V5AKoford brushless hall-effect motor controller 60V 5A$140.00
S24V10AKoford brushless sensorless motor controller 24V 10A$160.00
LMC-CNCLight Machines SpectraLight CNC lathe with mill option (ONE ONLY)POA
801000Melles Griot NanoMover X-Y positining system (ONE ONLY)POA
SIR-1Scien-Tech Intraco Automation SIR-1 6 DOF teaching robot arm (ONE ONLY)POA
MOTOMANYaskawa Motoman K-10 all-electric industrial robot (ONE ONLY)POA
CACR-IR-151515FYaskawa Servopack CACR-IR-151515F (ONE ONLY)POA

Optical components

VS0358GNBCS mount lens, 1/3" CCD, f1.4, 3.5-8.0mm zoom, auto-iris (ONE ONLY)$50.00
V10Z1618AMSCS mount lens, f1.8, 10X motorized zoom, 16-160mm, auto-iris$325.00
FIBER-TTFiber optic alignment tip-tilt mount with FC receptacle focussing optic$160.00
FIBER-XYFiber optic XY launcher flexure mount model 9057 SMA like Newport 9051$120.00
DV110GM Hughes DataVision head up display system model 110$500.00
1283045Trumpf D70 Nd:YAG LASER beam collimator 200AQ WI (ONE ONLY)$425.00

Theatrical equipment

0010-0502Laserscope KTP/532 502 Z-fold surgical laser system (ONE ONLY)POA
0010-0703Laserscope KTP/532 703 Z-fold surgical laser system (ONE ONLY)POA
ATMOSPHEREMDG ATMOSPHERE smoke/fog/haze generator machine (ONE ONLY)POA
MAX-3000MDG MAX-3000 smoke/fog/haze generator machinePOA

A range of Roland DG plotter pens are also available to suit Hewlett-Packard and other pen plotters.

All prices are in US dollars and are subject to change without notice.
We ship worldwide from our warehouse in Tuggerah Business Park, NSW, Australia.
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