Laserscope KTP/532 502 Z-fold surgical laser system

Recently removed from service in perfect working order. Single port (532nm only) output. Measured optical power > 30W of 532nm (Q-switched) before the surgical attenuator. Water-to-water heat exchanger cooling, gold-plated elliptical reflector lamp cavity, Z-fold resonator for intra-cavity frequency doubling. The electrical power requirement is 230V AC single-phase, 40A. The 60 Hz isolation transformer has been bypassed for 50 Hz operation. Simple rewiring is all that is required for three-phase lamp driver operation, with greatly improved power factor. Includes service mode jumper and full service manual. Ideal for light show conversion applications. We can also service these machines and supply a full range of spare parts, including arc lamps, contact bands, rod holders, water filters etc...

The price for 0010-0502 is available on application.
Only one of this product is available for sale.

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