EDP SonaSwitch Mini S Polaroid 600 ultrasonic transducer


Use this fully-functional transducer/amplifier system as-is, or discard the amplifier board and consider it a cheap source of the Polaroid 600 transducer.

Output Response Time: Model Mini S: Three (3) consecutive target hits before turn on; three (3) consecutive misses before turn off. Model Mini A: 0-5 VDC or 0-10 VDC analog output is filtered to the approximate formula; V out = 0.9 (Vnew value) + 0.1 (Vpast avg. value). Custom response filters available.

Environment: Indoor or protected outdoor environments; Highly insensitive to temperature. Humidity and pressure changes. Withstands high audio and EMI/RFI levels; Must be protected from excessive moisture in outdoor applications.

Size: 1.700" overall diameter; 0.950"depth; 1.525 transducer face diameter.

Operating Temperature: Operating 40 to 85C (40 to 185F)

Weight Requirements: 8-16 VDC; 30 ma maximum current.

Mounting: Mount in 1.575" diameter hole; use RTV silicone or edge clips to secure in place.

Transducer: Electrostatic transducer available in standard flat black cold rolled steel housing or metal finish stainless steel housing. Polymer coating available for extra durability in harsh environments.

Range: 6" to 10" adjustable; 0.1% accuracy over entire range at stable temperature; Switchpoint and analog outputs are temperature compensated. Custom ranges of 1" to 40' available.

Beam Angle: 15 degree nominal; Single beam. Cone-shaped pattern diverges approximately 2.6' at maximum range (10').

Repetition Rate: 10Hz astable; May be externally triggered.

Outputs: Model Mini S Two (2) adjustable NPN open collector outputs; transistors are continuously energized during detection period. Model Mini A One (1) 0-5 VDC or 0-10 VDC 10- bit analog output with fully independent zero and span adjustments over entire operating range.

Full details available at the manufacturer's site: http://www.edpcompany.com/sonaindex.html

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