Koford brushless sensorless motor controller 24V 10A



Ultra high efficiency miniature sensorless motor drive with 37kHz PWM frequency, designed for stand-alone, digital or analog operation. This design has a sophisticated start-up routine which is capable of starting higher-inertia loads than is typical for other sensorless drives. The drive has no minimum inductance and will operate slotless or ironless brushless motors without the need for additional inductors.

For stand-alone operation, a 10k linear potentiometer is included. Once the power supply, motor, and speed pot are connected, the motor can be operated without the need for any adjustments, set up or programming. For digital operation the unit will interface with a customers microcontroller.

For operation in a single direction such as a pump, blower or beam chopper only power, the three motor leads, and the 0-5V speed input (or the speed pot) need to be connected. If reversible operation is required then a SPDT switch can be connected between DR and P-, or a digial signal from a microcontrollercan be used. The EN input will turn off the motor if pulled to ground. The brake input stops the motor by shorting the windings together, without requiring an external braking resistor.

The drive weighs approx 2oz/60g. The operating temperature range is -55C to +105C, however operating at an ambient below +60C will increase drive life.

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The price for S24V10A is $160.00 each.

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