Earl Andrus Engineering GX-4 20:1 motorized gearbox 24V 70A 2.2HP



The Andrus GX4 motorized gearbox is purpose-designed for miniature EV applications such as electric go-kart, e-bike, battlebot and similar applications. Constructed from all-virgin materials, it is not rebuilt nor adapted from any other application. The case at the output shaft has additional material for increased strength, and is gusseted 360 degrees around the circumference of the output shaft opening for excellent radial shaft support, enabling direct wheel attachment without additional bearings. The output shaft is cold-rolled (not cast) steel, and the output bearings are significantly larger than comparable motors, again to facilitate direct wheel attachment.

Power for the GX4 gearbox comes from the high-output 2.2hp GX4 4-pole permanent magnet motor. This motor offers high efficiency and high torque from a 4 inch diameter package. The motor also includes built-in noise suppression capacitors across the brushes to reduce radio interference. One suitable motor controller compatible with common hall-effect throttle controls is Kelly Controls KDZ24200.

Specifications: 24V nominal input voltage, 70A full-load current, 2.2hp output power. At the output shaft of the 20:1 gearbox, the no-load speed is 220 RPM and the stall torque is 333 N.m (2953 lbf/in). Weight is 8.5kg.

The price for EAEGX4 is $390.00 each.

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